Night makes it all more special

Nighttime provides for an opportunity for your business to shine. By illuminating your sign, it attracts the eye and gives it a special life while others become invisible.

Let everyone
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One of the most important aspects of signage is getting recognized. We want to make your company’s sign a staple of its surroundings.


University of Louisville

One of our proudest customers and partners is the University of Louisville. We have handled numerous projects for them over the years, big and small. We enjoy helping our fair city’s university stand out as one of the most beautiful and well designated in the country.

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We will never stop your immagination.


The Galt House

One of our most iconic signs in downtown Louisville is the 25 foot tall ‘G.H.’ on the side of the Galt House building. This sign was hand-painted and installed by us with this distinctive destination in mind.


Maker’s Mark

Not all of our customers are in Louisville. Marker’s Mark is located in Loretto, KY, and it is one of our favorite places to work not only because of the lovely drive to get there.


The Louisville Visitor’s Centre

Just as there’s more than one way to pronounce Louisville, but only one beautiful city behind those pronunciations; there are many great signs we’ve built over the years with just one passionate company behind them all.

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