Over a century
of excellence

The Rueff Sign Company started as a project between two brothers. William J. Rueff was working as a sign painter before 1912 when he asked his brother to sell his grocery store, and go into business together as co-owners. His brother agreed, and they started a company that has been creating signs for Louisville and Kentuckiana for over a century. From the roaring twenties to today and from hand painted signs to LED illumination we have always been a local family owned business excelling in our craft.

We identify with our products



Every job we do is unique. From the design to the fabrication process to the installation, every facet of any given job requires attention to detail. We are not in the business of mass-producing cookie-cutter signs, which is why we focus on our customers’ specific needs to create exceptional products to match.

Tailor-made work produces the best results

Over the hundred plus years we have been making signs, we have found that custom work results in quality. By paying attention to the nuances of a job, we ensure quality results.

Handmade quality


Find solutions for your business. The sky is the limit.

We handle projects ranging from large signs mounted to the top of skyscrapers to small neon signs hanging in windows. No matter what your signage needs might be we can handle the full project from conception to installation.

Discover the right type of sign for you.

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